May 1


Capture一粒米One grain of rice
我是一粒小白米,I am a small grain of white rice,
沒有什麽了不起。Nothing to be proud of.
可是—農人種田很辛苦,But- Sowing the crops is hard work for farmers.
米飯得來不容易, 小朋友,請珍惜!
Rice does not come by easily, please cherish the food!
好好吃飯,不要剩飯粒。Eat properly, Do not waste the food.

中學生One middle school student
我是一個中學生,I am a middle school student.,
沒有什麽了不起。Not something to be particularly boastful about,
可是爸媽賺錢很辛苦,But My parents are earning difficult money,
讀書得來不容易, 小朋友,請珍惜!
Reading does not come easily; cherish your studies.
好好讀書,不要不努力。Reading properly, Do not waste the time.
Read properly, do not let it go to waste.

one grain of rice


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