May 3

The Little Red Hen

紅雞媽媽 The little of Red Hen
On Sunday, while everyone was playing in the farm field,
他們看見地上有一堆種子。 They saw a pile of seeds on the ground.
紅雞媽媽說:The mother red hen said,
這是稻米,我們來把它種在田裡,大家就有飯吃了! “These are rice. Let’s plant them in the field so we can eat later.”
大白鵝說:不! 我和小花貓要去玩兒。
Big white goose said, “No, I want to go play with the kitten!”
小花貓和大白鵝天天玩兒。 The kitten play with big white goose every day,
while the mother red hen and the chicks works hard in the field.
Four months later, they harvested a lot of rice.
Mother red hen cooked a big pot of tasty rice.
The kitten said:We are hungry too, could we sit down and eat.
紅雞媽媽說:The mother red hen said:
But you did not come to help when I needed you. Aren’t you embarrassed to eat now?

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