November 11

Turkey in The Straw

turkey in the straw

turkey 2019Slow Song稻草裡的火雞The turkey in the straw.
哎呀不得了這個真糟糕  Ai ya! How terrible, this is really bad.
我們的火雞呀  跑到那兒去了   Where is our turkey running to?
快點找一找,快點找一找,Search quickly, search quickly.
原來牠偷偷跑到菜園裡去了。He ran sneakily to the vegetable garden.
快來,快來,快來, 快來,Come quick, come quick,
我們圍起菜園快把牠捉到,let’s surround the vegetable garden and quickly catch him.
看見我們牠又跑了,跑到稻田裡去了。When he saw us, he ran. He ran into the straw.
哎呀不得了這個真糟糕 Ai ya! How terrible, this is worse.
我們的火雞呀它又逃跑了 Our turkey ran away again?
快點找一找快點找一找 Search quickly, search quickly.
原來牠這回跑到院子裡去了。 So this time around the turkey ran to the yard.
快來,快來,快來, 快來,Come quick, come quick,
我們同心協力 快把牠捉到,Come quick, come quick! Let’s work together to catch him.
看我們牠又跑了,跑到稻草裡去了。When he saw us, he ran away into the straw again.
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