January 2

A Scandinavian European A- Ri

北歐人阿日 A Scandinavian European A- Ri

有個北歐人叫阿日 There is a Scandinavian called A Ri,

生活作息像太陽。His lifestyle is like the sun;

夏天的時候很勤勞,He is diligent during the summer,

早上三點就起床,He wakes up at three in the morning,

晚上十一點才睡覺。Does not go to bed until eleven at night.

冬天的時候懶洋洋,During the winter he is lazy,

早上十點才起床,Wakes up at ten in the morning.

下午兩點多就休息,Goes to bed after two in the afternoon.

不管誰約他去夜遊,No matter who asks him to wander about at night,

他都回答說:天亮以後,再說吧!He replies, “We will talk when the sun is out!”



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