January 1

Got Sick

小男孩生病了 The little boy is sick


The little boy is sick; he lies dizzily on the bed.

喔,他看起來,糟透了! Oh, he looks horrible.

我得替他量一量體溫。I have to measure his temperature.

天呀,三十八度半!他發燒了!Oh boy! 38.5 degree Celsius, he has a fever.

讓我來,讓我來! Let me come!
讓我把他的燒給退了!The ice bag says: Allow me to rid his fever.

藥罐子Medicine says:

我也來! 嘿,小夥子醒一醒! 快把我吃了。I have come as well! Hey boy, wake up! Swallow me quickly.

我幫你把病毒趕走!Let me help you rid your virus.

熱開水Hot water cup:

還有我!還有我!快把我喝了,There is also me!  There is also me!

你的病,一定會好很多的!Drink me quickly.  Your body will definitely get well soon.

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January 1

I have a dream

做了一個夢 I have a dream

做了一個夢,我生病了,I had a dream; I was sick.

身體多麼虛弱又無力。My body was weak and incapable.

維他命、體溫計和冰水袋,全都趕來照顧我。Vitamins, thermometer, and the ice bag all came to take care of me.

還有一杯熱開水,也趕來提醒:「千萬別忘記,把我喝下去! 」A cup of boiling water also came to remind me to not forget to drink.

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