January 1

New Year Rhyme

一斤花生 兩斤棗,好運 經常 跟你跑。One pound of peanuts two pounds of dates, Good luck often runs with you.

三斤蘋果 四斤梨,吉祥 和你 不分離。Three pounds of apples four pounds of pears, Luck and you don’t separate.

五斤桔子 六斤蕉,財源滾滾 進腰包。Five pounds of oranges and six pounds of banana, Money rolls into your pockets.

七斤葡萄 八斤橙,願你 心想 事就成Seven pounds of grapes and eight pounds of oranges, May all your wishes come true.

九斤芒果 十斤瓜,願你 天天 樂開花。Nine pounds of mangoes and ten pounds of melons, Wish your happiness blooms every day.New Year Rhyme 

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