January 11

Zhong Zhong’s Front Tooth

中中的門牙Zhong Zhong’s Front Tooth

青青說:「我的門牙掉了,你看,牙仙子送給我這本故事書! 」
Qingqing said: “My front tooth fell out, look! the Tooth Fairy gave me this storybook!

Youyou also said: “Last week my front tooth fell out, and the Tooth Fairy gave me a dollar!”

中中說:「我的門牙鬆了,可是掉不下來。 」
Zhongzhong said, “My front teeth are loose, but they won’t fall out.
(but it hasn’t fallen yet)”

Youyou suggested: “Try to push it with your tongue!
Zhongzhong used his tongue to push the tooth very hard. But it didn’t work.

Qing qing suggested: “Try to bite on an apple!”

Zhongzhong bit on an apple very hard, and accidentally fell. But somehow, he slipped and fell on the ground.

中中大叫:「啊! 我的門牙掉了! 糟糕! 我的門牙不見了!」
Zhongzhong yelled: “Ah! My front tooth fell out! Oops! My front tooth is gone!”

明明說:「大家快過來! 快過來幫中中找門牙!」
Mingming said, “Everyone, come here quickly! Come here and help Zhongzhong find his front teeth!”

中中說:「找到了! 找到了! 我的門牙在這裡!」
Zhongzhong said: “I found it! I found it! My front teeth are here!”

Zhongzhong went home happily. He put his front teeth in a box and put the box and a letter under his pillow.

信上說: 「親愛的牙仙子:我想要一頂像哥哥那樣的帽子,可以嗎? 中中上」
The letter said: “Dear Tooth Fairy, I would like to have a hat like my brother’s, is that okay? Sincerely yours, Zhongzhong.


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