April 14

The Chinese Puzzle Game

tangramHow to make a Tangram Square
製作七巧板 How to Make Tangrams

Tangrams can be made in a few simple steps.  Materials: pen, ruler, scissor,colored markers or pencils and a firm piece of stationary paper.
On the square piece of paper draw a 4 x 4 grid.
Draw a diagonal line from one corner to the other.
Draw a diagonal line starting from the top middle center of the page to the side.  (this line will run parallel to the first diagonal)  4.再在左下角到右上角畫一條線,碰到第二條線就可以停了。
Draw a diagonal line in the second box from the top.  The line will extend from the bottom left to the right corner.
Draw a diagonal line from the bottom left corner of the page to the diagonal line drawn in step 3.
Draw a vertical line from the point of contact in step 5 to the diagonal line drawn through the center of the page.                            7.最後,把它們涂上不同的顏色並跟著黑線條剪開,你就有一副全新的七巧板了。
Color each tangram with a different color.  Proceed to cut out the individual tangrams and begin to play.

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