September 1

It’s Okay

沒關係,沒關係,不要太沮喪,也不要哭泣 It’s Okay, it’s Okay, don’t be too upset, and please don’t cry

沒關係,沒關係,人難免犯錯,改過才要緊。It’s Okay, it doesn’t matter, people will make mistakes, and learning from the mistake is what matters.

我真心說:沒關係!丟掉讓胸口悶悶的大石頭 I truly say it’s okay! Throw away the large stones that weigh your chest down and prevent you from breathing.

我真心說:沒關係!把不愉快都忘記 I said okay! Forgot all the unpleasant things.

人都有不小心的時候 做錯事的感覺真不好受 People all have careless moments, the feeling of making a mistake is unpleasant.

換個角度去想,將心比心 Look at it from a different angle; treat others like you want to be treated

和人計較 自己怎麼會開心 If you worry about everything then you will not be happy.

所以我說,沒關係,沒關係, So I say, okay, okay,

真誠地擁抱 看著你的眼睛 Embrace other people and look people in the eye

沒關係,沒關係,學會原諒讓我們更靠近 It’s okay, it’s okay, learning to forgive will make you closer to your friends.

2014-It is OK

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