January 30

Happy Face

幸福的臉: 歌詞

幸福有沒有在我身邊 怎麼一直看不見Is there happiness by my side? How come I’ve never seen it?

幸福有沒有在你那邊 讓我看看他的臉Is happiness by your side? Let me see its face.

家裡已經找了好多遍 只有溫暖的房間I have looked for it around the house many times. All that I have found is a cozy room.

爸爸說幸福就在鏡子裡 那就是我快樂的臉Dad says happiness is in the mirror,  which is reflected by my happy face.

老師說如果慾望能夠少一點 快樂就會多一些Teacher says if we lessen our desires there will be more happiness.

愛惜地球給我們的資源 隨時記在心裡面Protect the resources given to us by the Earth, always remember it in your heart.

我用善良禮貌的雙眼 發現大家幸福的臉I use my kind and courteous eyes to discover everyone’s happy face.

happy face

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