May 30

Two of Everything

每個都成雙 Two of Everything

從前有一對很窮的夫妻, 住在一間小茅屋裡 。
Narrator: Once long ago, there lived a poor old couple, who lived in a humble little hut.

他們有一個小小的菜園, 過著自給自足的生活。They have a small vegetable garden.  They live a self-sustaining life.

一個春天的早晨,黃先生在菜園裡工作。One spring morning,  Mr. Huang was working in his garden hoeing.

哇!怎麼一回事?有這麼大的缸! Mr. Huang:  What is this? Such a large pot!

黃先生把他的腰包丟進缸裡 Mr. Huang threw his moneybag into the pot.

帶回去,說不定我太太有用。I will show my wife. She could use it somehow.

太太! 太太! 快來看看!Wife, wife, come take a look!

黃太太:哇!你怎麼找到這麼大的缸?What is that?  You have found a pot?

黃先生:我在菜園裡挖到的!I found it in the garden.

這麼大的缸 煮飯太大 洗澡又太小! Well, it looks too big for cooking, but too small for bathing.

黃太太俯身往裡瞧—Mrs. Huang leaned over the pot.

黃太太: 咦 怎麼有兩個腰包?這是神奇的缸嗎?  Wow! Look!  Another moneybag.  I wonder if this pot is magical?

黃先生:讓我試試, 把這鏟子放進去。Let’s test it out, let me put my shovel in and see if it makes two?

果然有兩把鏟子出來 Sure enough, two shovels came out,

這個缸是會把東西從一個變成兩個 This magic pot will produce two of everything

我去市場了!Mr. Huang: I am off to go sell at the village,

賺點錢回來。Mrs. Huang: Hopefully you will make some money.

顧客:這水果多少錢?Merchant:  How much for one?

黃先生:一個四元 Mr.Huang: One for four dollars

顧客:算便宜一點?Merchant: Could you bring down the price?

黃先生:一個三元    Mr.Huang: One for three dollars

顧客:好,我買三個。Merchant: I will buy three.

黃先生:一共九元Mr.Huang: Total is nine dollars

顧客:這件衣服多少錢?Merchant 2: Hello, how much for these clothes?

黃先生:五十元  Mr.Huang:  50 dollars.

顧客:可以試穿嗎?Could I try it on?

黃先生:是,這邊請。Mr.Huang: Yes, this way.

黃先生回到家,黃太太在缸邊 Back at the Huang’s hut,   Mrs. Huang was leaning on the pot.

黃太太: 不知道你從哪來?但是, 你是我的寶貝!Dear pot, I do not know where you came from, but you are my best friend.

黃先生踢開門, 把黃太太推進缸裡 Narrator: Mr. Huang then had to kick the door open, and Mrs. Huang fell in.

黃先生:對不起,讓我幫你拉出來!Mr. Huang: I am sorry dear, let me help get you up.

黃太太:哦!天哪!怎麼又一個我?Mrs. Huang: Oh my, look, there is another one of me!

黃太太:不行!不行!我要她回去!Mrs. Huang: No, no I want her back!

黃先生不小心跌進缸裡!Mr. Huang: was tripped and fell into the pot.

黃太太:親愛的我來幫你!Mrs. Huang: Oh dear, let me help you get out of the pot.

黃太太:不!我來幫!Mrs. Huang2:  No! I will help you!

黃先生回頭發現又一個他在裡面 Eventually both pulled Mr. Huang out, when they realized there was two of him.

黃先生:天哪!怎麼又一個我?Oh look, there is another one of me now!

黃太太:冷靜下來!我們得想個法子  Calm down, we have to think of a way.

對了!把所有的都變成雙Mrs. Huang: With our pot we can make two of everything

黃先生、黃太太 跟假黃先生、假黃太太變成鄰居,Real Mr. Huang and Mrs. Huang became neighbors with the fake Mr. Huang and Mrs. Huang.

我們都是好朋友了!We are good friends now!

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