August 1


您好, 我是王明華, 請問貴姓大名?Hello. (Using the polite form “you”) I am Wang Ming-Hua.  May I ask your name?

您好,我姓方,名字叫大偉。Hello. My last name is Fang; my first name is Da-Wei.

方先生,您好, 很高興認識您。It’s nice to meet you Mr. Fang.

我也是。那位小姐是誰 ?Nice to meet you, too.  Who is that young lady?

她叫趙小梅,她是我的同事。Her name is Chao Hsiao-Mei.  She is my colleague.

那位先生是誰?Who is that gentleman?

他叫王大方,他是我的弟弟。His name is Wang Da-Fang. He is my younger brother.


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