August 17

Buying Postage Stamps-A

買郵票Buying Postage Stamps

先生: 小姐,我要買郵票。                 Miss, I would like to buy some stamps.

小姐:買郵票,請到三號窗口。                 If you need to buy stamps, please go to window 3.

先生:我有兩封航空信, 想寄到美國去, 要貼多少錢的郵票?

There are two airmail letters I would like to send to America.  How much is the postage?

小姐:我給您秤一秤, 看看有沒有過重。

Let me weigh them for you to see if they are over weight.

先生:麻煩您了。我還要買兩封寄到日本的郵簡。                Ok, please. I would also like to buy two aerograms to send to Japan.

小姐:這是您的郵票和郵簡。                 There are your postage stamps and aerograms.

先生:我在哪兒寄信呢?                Where do I send the letters?

小姐:貼了郵票, 投到郵筒裏就行了。                 After you put the stamps on the envelopes just drop them into the mailbox.

17 Buy Stamp A

•邮票 / 郵票stamps.
•航空Aeronautical; aviation
send to
•多少钱  / 多少錢
How much money
•秤一秤Scale a scale; weigh; measure
•过重 / 過重over weight
•还要 / 還要also like to; also want
•麻烦 / 麻煩 trouble; bother
send the letters
•邮筒 / 郵筒the mailbox.
drop into; throw into
•贴了 / 貼了Posted; pasted
•就行了Accomplish; Okey

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