August 22

Treating A Friend-A


請客   Treating A Friend

好久不見,近來好嗎? I haven’t see you for quite a long time. How have you been lately?

最近公司的事情多,比較忙。I’ve been busy these days for so many tasks.

怪不得昨天李先生請客, 您沒去。No wonder.  When Mr. Li treated everyone out to eat yesterday, you didn’t go.

您今天來有什麽事嗎? So, what did you drop by for today?

下個星期天晚上我想請您吃飯, 有空嗎? I’d like to treat you out to eat next Sunday evening.  Are you free?

那天我沒事, 一定準時去。I don’t have anything to do then.  I’ll be sure to be there on time.

莉莉新學了幾道菜,味道不錯, 請您來嚐嚐。Li-Li learned some new dishes which are tasty.  I wish you could try them.

每次您請客,我都可以大飽口福。Every time you treat it’s always a feast.22. treating


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