August 25

New Year Vacation-A

Chinese New Year Vacation

新年假期Chinese New Year Vacation

莉莉: 方先生新年假期過得好嗎?  How was your New Year’s vacation Mr. Fong?

方先生: 好極了,我跟朋友到阿里山去玩兒了 。 It was great! I went on a trip with my friend to Mountain Ali.

莉莉:山上的風景怎樣?有沒有拍照片呢?  What was the mountain scenery like? Did you take any photos?

方先生:風景太美了!我照了很多彩色照片和幻燈片。The scenery was very beautiful. I took a lot of photos and made slides.

莉莉:讓我看看那些照片。Let me see some of your photos.

方先生:請等一下,我去拿相簿。Wait a moment. I will get my photo album.

莉莉:你照的真好,我很欣賞。You take really nice pictures! I really like them.

方先生:謝謝。不過冲洗這些照片,可花了我不少錢。Thanks. However,  just getting the these pictures developed cost me quite a bit of money.


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