August 28



王先生: 你怎麼了?身體不舒服嗎? What’s the matter? Do you feel uncomfortable?

方先生: 我有一點兒鼻塞, 喉嚨也很痛。 I have a bit of a stuffy nose and sore throat.

王先生: 你量過體溫了嗎? 有沒有發燒? Have you taken your temperature yet? Do you have a fever?

方先生: 我量過了, 有一點兒發燒。I have taken my temperature.  I have a slight fever.

王先生: 也許是感冒了。怎麼會生病呢? Maybe it’s a cold.  How did you catch a cold?

方先生: 我想是昨天衣服穿得太少了。 I didn’t wear enough yesterday.

王先生: 你最好讓醫生檢查一下。You’d better see a doctor.

方先生: 我吃幾片阿司匹林,多喝點水, 就會好了。I’ll take a few aspirins and have some water, and then I’ll be fine.

28 Illness

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