August 30


哇,好大的蛋糕好啊。 Wow, what a big cake.
The cake it’s tonight for your birthday party?
是呀,我爸爸六十歲生日。 大家都很重視。
Yes, my dad’s sixtieth birthday. Everyone pays attention.
Are there many guests tonight?
沒有! 只請幾位親戚而已。 no! Just a few relatives.
可是聽說你有很多親戚。 But I heard that you have many relatives.
是呀,你等一下。 Yes, wait a minute.
來! 你看。 這一位是我的叔叔。 Come! look. This one is my uncle.
那,這一位呢? Well, what about this one?
這位是我舅舅。 This is my uncle.
這一位是你媽媽。 This one is your mother.
對! 你見過我媽媽。 Right! You have seen my mother.
這兩位是我的阿姨。 These two are my aunts.
The uncle and aunt are my mother’s siblings.
Well, you really have a lot of relatives.
我真希望能認識他們。 I really wish I could meet them.
今天晚上就會認識了。 Will meet tonight.
Great, let’s go to the birthday party.

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