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Wealth by a Straw of Hay

稻草富翁的故事Wealth by a Straw of Hay

很久以前, 住著一個窮人:我想成為富翁A long long time ago there lived a poor man who wanted to be wealthy someday. For 21 days he went to the temple of the Goddess to pray for help.

神見他那麼真誠對他說“當你離開這個寺廟,,摸到的第一件東西,一定要把它帶在身上去旅行。”Because he was so sincere in his prayers the Goddess said to him, “the first thing you touch when you leave this temple you must cherish it and bring it on your journey.”

這個窮人很興奮,離開時,他絆了一下。The poor man was in a rush of excitement when he left the temple that he tripped and fell to the bottom of the steps.  The first thing he touched was a straw of hay.

窮人說:“真奇怪!我摸到的是一根稻草。這真的能讓我富有?”The poor man said, “how strange! The first thing I touched was a straw of hay.  Can this really make me wealthy?”

當他走在路上蟋蟀飛到稻草上,不想離開。窮人說,“好吧,我帶你去旅行。”As he was walking down the road a cricket flew onto the straw of hay and did not want to leave.  The poor man said, “okay I will bring you along on my journey.”

在路上,窮人遇見一個哭泣的孩子和他的母親。The poor man then ran into a crying child and his mom on the road.

在稻草上的蟋蟀,抓住孩子的注意力,並停止了哭泣。母親說,“可以用我的橘子換你的稻草嗎?”The cricket on the straw of hay caught the attention of the child and stopped its crying.  The mother said, “may you be so kind as to accept our oranges for the straw of hay?”

窮人說: 好吧!The poor man said, “okay, here you go”

然後,他遇到了一個布商:“我太渴了。你願意我用布來換橘子嗎?”He then met a fabric merchant who said, “I’m so thirsty.  May you accept my fabric in exchange for your oranges?”

窮人說: 好吧!窮人繼續走,看到了一個戰士的馬倒在地下, 窮人說,“可以不可以用布換你的馬?”

The poor man continued down the road and saw a warrior with his horse that had passed out in the ground.  The poor man said, “May I exchange my fabric for your horse?”

戰士:“太感謝你了,我可以不用管他了, 我走啦!”The warrior said, “yes thank you so much.  I will be on my way now.”

窮人跑到河邊取了一些水,給馬喝, 馬又重新站立起來。The poor man went to the river to fetch some water for the horse and in time the horse was back on its feet.

到了晚上,想找了個地方住,發現了別墅。At night he looked for a place to stay and found a villa.

別墅的主人:“我必須離開這裡,很樂意讓你住下來, 可以讓我騎你的馬去辦事情嗎?”The owner of the villa said, “how great to see you here with a horse.  I have to leave town and would be delighted to let you stay at my villa in exchange for your horse.”

窮人說,好吧The poor man said, “yes that is great”

別墅主人說“如果我不回來,這個別墅就是你的。”The owner of the villa said, “if I don’t come back this villa is yours.”

一天,一月,一年過去了—別墅的主人沒有回來,窮人繼承了所有的土地和財富。After a day, a month, a year the owner of the villa did not come back and the poor man inherited all of the land and wealth.



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