September 3

The Bank A

銀行 Bank

方先生: 我想在銀行開一個戶頭,手續麻煩嗎?
I want to open an account at the bank. Are the procedures troublesome?

王先生: 手續很簡單,你要開哪種戶頭呢?
The procedures are simple. What kind of account would you like to open?

方先生: 我想要開一個儲蓄存款的戶頭。
I would like to open a savings account.

王先生: 是要活期的,還是定期的?
Do you want a checking account or a time deposit?

方先生: 活期的,存款、提款比較方便。
Checking account.  It is more convenient to deposit and withdraw.

王先生: 你只要帶身份證和印章去就可以了。
All you need your ID card and your stamp.

方先生: 要不要填什麼表格呢?
Do I need to fill out any forms?

王先生: 要填一些表格,另外還得存點錢在那戶頭裡。
You need to fill out one form. Then you need to put the money in your account

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