September 4

Checks A

支票 Check

小姐,我有一张支票要兑现 Yes I would like to cash this check

这张支票不能马上领现金。You may not receive cash immediately after cashing this check.

为什么?这张是空头支票吗?Why not? This isn’t a bad check. is it?

不是的。这是银行本票,得交换以后才能兑现。No, it isn’t This is a bank check. You must exchange it first then you may receive your money (after it is processed)

那我应该怎么做呢?Then, what should I do?

你先把支票存到户头里,过两天再来领钱。You need to put the check into your account first,  wait two days then collect your money.

要不要填存款单?需要存折吗?Should I fill out a saving deposit form?  Do I need my chip bank book

都要。你还得在支票后面盖章签名。Yes, you need all of them. You also need to sign your name on the back of the check.

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