September 11

The Clothing Store-A

服飾店 The Clothing Store

店員:小姐,您需要什麼款式?我拿給您看。Miss, what style would you like to see?  I’ll show you.

張小姐:我想看看裙子套裝。I would like to see that outfit with the skirt.

店員:這款的顏色、布料都是今年最流行的。This style’s color and material are the most popular this year.

張小姐:我還想看一件洋裝,有淺顏色的嗎?I would also like to see a dress.  Are there any pastel colors?

店員:這件怎麼樣?淺粉的顏色許多顧客都喜歡,也很合適您。How about this one? Most of our customers like the pastel colors.  It suits you.

張小姐:看起來還不錯,可以試穿嗎? It looks very nice.   May I try it on?

店員:沒問題。試衣室在前方右邊兒,請跟我來。Of course. The fitting room is in front and to your right. Please come with me.

張小姐:謝謝。套裝和洋裝我都去試試。Thank you. I’ll try on this dress and outfit.

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