September 15

A Rainy Day-A

什麽時候下起雨來了? 我一點兒都不知道。When did it start raining? I didn’t even know.

我們專心看展覽,所以沒有發現下雨了。We had our attention on the exhibit so we didn’t figure out it was raining.

氣象報告沒有說今天會下雨嘛。The weather forecast didn’t mention it would rain today.

我們沒有傘也沒有雨衣, 怎麽回去呢?We don’t have umbrellas or raincoats. What are we going to do?


It’s just drizzling. It should be okay. Let’s go now.

淋雨容易感冒, 還是等一等吧。It is easy to catch cold when you get wet. We should wait for a while.

我最討厭雨天了,既潮濕又不方便。I hate rainy days because of humidity and inconvenience.

雨好像停了,我們坐公共汽車慢慢晃回去吧。It seems the rain has stopped. Let’s take our time taking a bus to go home.

A Rainy Day A

•专心 / 專心 had attention; concentrate
•展览 / 展覽 the exhibit
•发现 / 發現 find; discovery ; figure out
•气象 / 氣象 The weather; meteorological
•报告 / 报告 report; forecast
•只是 Just; only
•应该 / 應該 should
•现在 / 現在 now
•讨厌 / 討厭 Hate; disgusting
•潮湿 / 潮濕 humidity
•方便 convenience.
•好像 seems
•淋雨 get wet.  ( get wet in the rain)
•容易 easy

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