October 6

Halloween Games-B

萬聖節的游戲Halloween Games

是南瓜燈耶!It’s a jack-o-lantern.

這是陶土做的南瓜燈,裏面可以點小蠟燭哦The jack-o-lantern was made by potter’s  clay.

在國外,過萬盛節,我們都會動手做南瓜燈。People overseas make their own jack-o-lanterns on Halloween.

我知道!做南瓜燈要先把瓜肉挖乾淨,再刻上鼻子、嘴巴,非常麻煩。I know. To make a jack-o-lantern, we have to dig out the seeds and then carve a nose and a mouth. It’s too much trouble.

可是萬盛節時家家戶戶都是這樣做的。But everybody does this on Halloween.

在臺灣很少這樣做!We seldom do that in Taiwan.

我們還要打扮得怪模怪樣地去鄰居家要糖。It’s more interesting to dress up in weird costumes and go to the neighbors’ houses asking for candy.

但是我們這麽大了,不能再玩這種游戲了。But we’re too old to play this game any more.


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