October 15

Tending The Garden-A

整理Tending The Garden.

春天到了, 應該整理花園了。Spring is arriving.  It’s time to fix up the garden.

經過一個冬天, 去年種的花兒都枯死了。The flowers planted last year have all withered during the winter.

菜園也得重新翻土撒種了。The vegetable garden needs to be tilled and seeded.

鏟子、鋤頭這些工具還够用嗎?Will a shovel and a hoe be enough to do the job?

工具是够了,但是肥料該買了。They’ll be fine. And we have to buy fertilizer.

明天就去買肥料, 開始動工。We’ll buy fertilizer tomorrow and start to work.

希望今年的收穫能好一點兒。I hope our planting will be better this year.

一分耕耘,一分收穫,付出多少,就會得到多少。“As one sows, so shall one reap. ” How much you put into something is how much you’ll get out of it.

整理 Tending ; fix up: sort out; arrange; list systematically
花园/花園庭院 the garden; yard
经过 / 經過 after; through; as a result of; pass; during
枯死 Withered; Withering
重新 Re; reappear; again; anew; afresh
翻土撒种/翻土撒種 Dig land sowing; to be tilled and seeded.
铲子 / 鏟子 shovel
锄头 / 鋤頭 hoe
够用 enough to do
工具 Tool; utensil
肥料 Fertilizer; manure
开始动工 / 開始動工 start to work; begin construction
应该 / 應該 should
收获 / 收穫 Reward; gain; result; acquisition
耕耘 Hard work: cultivation; nurture
付出 Pay out; disburse
得到 Get; obtain; receive

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