October 26

A Concert (I)- A

聽音樂會A Concert

王偉:您好,請問芳芳在嗎?Hello is Fang-Fang there?

芳芳:我就是。 請問您是哪位? This is Fang-Fang speaking. May I ask who is calling?

王偉:我是王偉。 明晚一起去聽音樂會好嗎?This is Wang Wei. Are you interested in going to our concert?

芳芳:有哪些曲目呢? What kind of music will there be?

王偉:都是貝多芬和巴哈的作品。 all Beethoven and Bach.

芳芳:是鋼琴獨奏,還是管弦樂團的演奏呢? Is it a piano recital or a performance by an orchestra?

王偉:是紐約愛樂交響樂團的演奏。It’s performed by the New York Philharmonic Symphony orchestra.


You are really something!  I wasn’t able to get a ticket even after lined up for hours.

王偉:我運氣好。 明天晚上六點音樂廳見。I had good luck. See you tomorrow six p.m. at the concert hall.

芳芳:好,聽完音樂會,我請你喝咖啡。Great!  I will treat you a cup of coffee after the concert.

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