November 2

The Art of Tea Drinking (一)-A

我正好泡了茶, 一起來嚐嚐。I was just making some tea. Come and have some.

你的茶具好講究。Your tea set is very elaborate.

愛喝茶的人都很重視茶具、茶葉和泡茶的方法。Tea lovers usually put great emphasis on utensils, kind of tea, and methods of brewing tea.

這些茶壺、茶碗又精緻又可愛。These tea pots and tea cups are intricate and lovely.

你嚐嚐這壺龍井的味道。Please try a cup from this pot of Lung-Jing tea.

味道很清香!中國茶大概有多少種?Very delicious! How many kinds of Chinese tea are there?

種類太多了,比較常喝的有烏龍、香片和普洱茶。There are so many, Oolong, Jasmine, and Puer tea are some of the most common kinds.

今天趁著這個機會,跟你學學喝茶的藝術。Today, I’d like to take this opportunity to learn the art of tea drinking from you.

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