November 5

Sky Lanterns Carrying Prayers Of Good Fortune-A


Are you free this weekend?


What’s up?


I’d like to invite you to see sky lanterns, how about it?


Great!  I know the sky lanterns of Ping-his in Taiwan ae=re very famous.


It’s said that sky lanterns are also called kung Ming lanterns. Legend has it that they were invented by Kung Ming during the three Kingdom’s period of China.


Legend has it that they were invented by kung Ming (Chuke Liang) during the Three Kingdom’s period of China,


They were originally used as a way to exchange intelligence. Afterward they were passed on to ordinary people.  Sky lanterns are a medium to send their wishes and blessing to heaven.


Oh, I see. So, when Chinese people have important celebrations, they hold sky lantern activities.


Now, sky lanterns are getting bigger and bigger. People will often written things on the lanterns loke Prosperous Nation, Peaceful Citizens, may one’s heart’s wish come true, and other such prayers of good fortune.


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