January 2

You Are All Geniuses。

你們都是天才You Are All Geniuses。

今天是開學日,同學們好久沒見,有說不完的話,Today was the first day of school. The students had not seen one another for a very long time, and they had so much to say to each other.
放學以後,就到速食店去吃東西、談天。After school, they went to a fast-food place to grab something to eat and to chat.

中中說:字跟字說話,真的很好玩。Zhongzhong asked: Words conversation games are so much fun.

我們再來玩,沒人反對吧?Let’s play again(let’s play some more), Does anyone object?

大家都說:當然不反對!Everyone said: Of course, no objections!


So, Mingming wrote on a napkin several Chinese Characters Zhang(open), Di(rank), Kao (test), Xiao(filiality), Mao  (risk)Mao (hat), Shi (type)and Shi (examination)

明明說:誰先來試試?Mingming said(asked): Who wants to try first?

中中說:我來! 考對孝說你的兒子真孝順。Zhongzhong said: I will! Kao(test) said to Xiao(filiality),  Your son is so filial.

孝說,是啊,我走不動的時候他就背著我。Xiao replied, Oh yes, when I am unable to walk, he carries me on his back.

友友說:我來試試! You You said: Let me try!

張問第,我們要去打獵了,你的弓呢?Zhang(open) asked di(rank), we are going hunting now, where is your bow?

第說:弓在我的背上。Rank replied: The bow is on my back.

青青說:式跟試說:考試的時候不能說話,把言拿掉吧!Qing Qing said: Shi(type) said to Shi (examination): You can’t talk during an exam, so why don’t you remove Yan(talk)!
試說:不行! 考試是用筆說話。Shi (examination) saying: No! you talk with a pen during an exam.

明明說:我也來說一個。 帽問冒:你的頭巾呢?Ming Ming said: Let me also try one. Hat Question: Where’s your headscarf?

冒說:我就是忘了帶頭巾,所以才感冒。Mao (risk) replied: I just forgot to wear a headscarf, that’s why I caught a cold.

青青的爸爸也來參加他們。Qingqing’s dad also came to join them.

他說:用這個方式學習中文字,真是高明! 明明你是怎麼想到的?He said: Learning Chinese characters in this way is really clever!

(This is excellent way to learn Chinese characters.)How did you come up with the idea?

明明說:我看過一個數位小笑話,是這樣的,9問6你怎麼又倒立了? 6說我在做運動。

Ming Ming said: I read a little joke about numbers, and it goes like this, 9 asked 6 why did you upside down again? 6 answered: I am working out.


Mingming said: After read the joke, I came upon this method(idea).


Qing Qing’s father said: Mingming, you are a remarkable genius!

你們也都是天才,因為你們會舉一反三。And you are all geniuses too because you know how to draw inferences from one example.

(apply what you learn from one area to another)

我發現你們是天才,所以我也是天才。Since I find that you guys are geniuses, I’m a genius too.

大家聽了都笑了起來。Everyone all laughed after hearing this


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