January 10

Who Are They (一)

LLC Family他們是誰 Who Are They

爸爸:心美,來看看這張照片。Dad: May, come look at this photo.

心美:爸爸,他們是誰?May: Dad, who are they?

爸爸:中間是爺爺和奶奶。Dad: in the middle is grand pa and grandma.

心美:右邊這兩個人呢?May: Who are the two people to the right?

爸爸:是你的姑姑和叔叔。Dad: That is your aunt and uncle.

心美:左邊這個小孩是你,對不對?May: That child to the left is you, right?

爸爸:是,那時候我五歲。Dad: Yes, I was five years old at the time.


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