February 2

My Dad Does Business (二)


我爸爸做生意My Dad Does Business

大文:張莉,照片裡面的人是誰?Devin: Lily, who is the person inside the photo?

張莉:左邊是我外公,他以前是醫生,右邊是我外婆。Lily: On the left is my maternal grandfather, he used to be a doctor, and to the right is my maternal grandmother.

大文:你爸爸媽媽做什麼工作?Devin: What do your mom and dad does for work?

張莉:我爸爸做生意,我媽媽幫他。你爸爸媽媽呢? Lily: My dad is a businessman and my mom helps him.  What about your mom and dad?

大文:我爸爸在電腦公司上班,我媽媽在銀行工作。你以後想做什麼?Devin: My dad works at a computer company; my mom works at the bank.  What about your mom and dad?

張莉:我以後想跟爸爸一樣。Lily: I want to be like my dad in the future.
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