February 9

The Classroom is in the North(二)


教室在北方The Classroom is in the North

友朋: 東明,這是什麽?
Joe: Tony, what is this?
東明:指南针, 也叫指北针, 它告诉我们南方和北方在哪里。
Tony: A compass, it tells us where north and south is.
Joe: Which direction is the classroom ahead of us facing.
Tony: The classroom ahead is facing north; the back entrance to the school is facing south.
友朋:足球場在東方, 還是在西方?
Joe: Is the soccer field to the east or to the west?
東明:因為教室在北方, 所以足球場在東方。
Tony: The classroom is to the north; therefore the soccer field is to the east.classroom


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