March 3

I Want to Buy a Pencil (三)

我要買鉛筆 I Want to Buy a Pencil
Dad: What do you want to buy?
Vivian: I want to buy pencils, crayons, and notebooks.
Dad: Choose the ones you want for yourself, but don’t buy anything too expensive.文文:爸爸,我還想買這個藍色的背包。
Vivian: Dad, I also want to buy this blue backpack.
Dad: This backpack is $79. That’s too expensive.
文文:爸爸,你看,那個黃色的背包賣58塊,又便宜又好 看。
Vivian: Dad, look! That yellow backpack is $58. It’s inexpensive and it also looks good.
Dad: OK, how much do these cost altogether?
文文:一個背包58塊、兩盒蠟筆 20塊、三本筆記本12塊、 十枝鉛筆9塊,一共99塊, 不到100塊錢。
Vivian: One backpack: $58. Two boxes of crayons: $20. Three notebooks: $12. Ten pens: $9. Altogether it’s $99. It’s under $100.
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