March 8

Let’s Play (三)

我們來玩吧 Let’s Play
May: Class is over. Let’s go outside the classroom and play!
Devin: How about we play hide and seek?
Tony: I can never find you all. That’s no fun. Let’s go play on the slide.
Lily: I don’t dare play on the slide, because it’s too high.
May: Last week we just learned the chinese yo-yo. Today let’s practice a little!
友朋:我不想扯鈴,我們來跳繩, 看看誰跳得久。
Joe: I don’t want to practice the chinese yo-yo. Let’s jump rope and see who can jump the longest.
心美:那麼,我們猜拳決定吧! 來!剪刀、石頭、布。
May: Well then, let’s play rock-paper-scissors to decide! Rock, paper, scissors!
大文:哈哈!我贏了,今天玩捉 迷藏吧!
Devin: Haha! I won! Today let’s play hide and seek!

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