March 11

Going to the Amusement Park

去遊樂園玩Going to the Amusement Park
May: Last week I went to the amusement park. Have you all gone before?
Joe: I’ve gone many times, and this year I went again.
May: What do you all think is the most fun?
Joe: I like the carousel. Going up a little while then down a little while is really fun.
東明:我最喜歡碰碰車,撞來撞去 很有趣。
Tony: I like the bumper cars. Bumping over and over again is fun
May: I think the Ferris Wheel is the most fun, but when I arrive at the top it’s a little scary.
Tony: Are you afraid to go on the roller coaster? That is even scarier!
May: I don’t dare. It’s too fast. When I hear someone else screaming, I get nervous.

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