April 6

Happy New Year (四)

新年快樂 Happy New Year
Tony: During Spring Festival, dad took me to Chinatown. It’s really lively there.
Joe: Did you see a dragon dance and a lion dance?
Tony: I saw them. That dragon was really long. We also bought year cakes and daikon cakes.
Lily: Did your family do something over Lunar New Year?
Joe: The night of Lunar New Year’s Eve, my dad wrapped jiaozi, and the whole family ate New Year’s Eve dinner.
大文:我們家吃火鍋,另外還有糖醋魚和炒米粉。 Devin: Our family ate hot pot. In addition, we had sweet and sour fish and fried rice noodles.
張莉:我爸媽給了我一個紅包,叫我把錢存起來。Lily: My parents gave me a red envelope and told me to save it.
東明:我知道,那個叫壓歲錢。Tony: I know! That’s New Year’s money.


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