May 1

Joining a Club (五)

參加社團Joining a Club
Teacher: This term, our school has added some culture classes. If you’re interested, you can join them.
Jake: Teacher, what courses are there?
老師:除了書法課,還有扯鈴、 民族舞、國畫和圍棋。
Teacher: In addition to calligraphy, they have a diabolo, folk dance, traditional Chinese painting, and go classes.
Ann: I want to take calligraphy, because I studied it a little in second grade and I’m really interested in it.
John: I’ve already studied calligraphy two years. Starting this term I want to study traditional Chinese painting.
Jane: I’ve always wanted to study folk dance. This term there’s finally a folk dance course. That’s great!
Jake: I want to study go, and I want to study the diabolo too. It’s a really hard decision. Can you all give me any suggestions?
凱文:去年文化週的時候,我看了扯鈴表演,覺得扯鈴比 溜溜球難多了。我們一起去學吧!
Kevin: During Culture Week last year I saw a diabolo performance. I thought the diabolo was much harder than the yo-yo. Let’s take the class together.

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