June 1

Chinese School Skill Classes (六)


中文學校的才藝課 Chinese School Skill Classes

明真: 凱文,扯鈴學得怎麼樣? 您學會了幾個招式?
Kevin, how’s learning the diabolo going?  Which tricks have you learned?
凱文: 我不但可以把鈴拋上去, 還可以把鈴接住。
I can not only toss the diabolo up, but also catch and hold it.
明真: 我聽過一個招式叫 “螞蟻上樹”,你會嗎?
I’ve heard of a trick called “ Ants Climbing Trees.” Can you do it?
凱文: 那個簡單, 我早就學會了。
That’s simple. I’ve learned it already.
Right now I’m taking on the challenge of playing with two diabolos at once.
明真: 我記得你也會功夫, 真是多才多藝。
I remember you can do kung fu too. You really are multitalented.
Ann, I’ve heard you’re studying Chinese Knotting?
麗安: 對啊! 我會用紅線編一個如意結。
That’s right. I can use red cord to weave a Ruyi knot.
有空的時候, 我多編幾個送給大家。
When you’re free, I can weave some to give to everyone.
明真: 謝謝你。我在民族舞蹈課學了扇子舞,
Thank you.  I’m learning a fan dance in fork dance class.
If I have the chance I’ll perform for everyone.
凱文: 這學期有一個才藝比賽,我們可以報名參加。
This term there’s a skill competition.  We can sign up for it.


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