October 4

Resources, Refuse, and Reuse (十)

Many people have the concept of sorting items into trash, or recyclable material. What do we use with recycled materials?
Paper, plastic, glass, and metals go through a treatment process to create products for use.  Examples include recycled paper for newspapers, magazines, notebooks, or paper cups, and toilet papers.  These items are often used in our daily lives.
Some plastic waste cannot be broken down into something useful, but becomes garbage that is not able to be decomposed.  Scientists have developed ways to turn this garbage into textiles such as clothing and blankets.  Glass bottles and glass jars can be crushed, and used as pavement material.  Metal items can also undergo treatment to be reused for other purposes, to reduce the amount of air pollution and waste.
Global warming has become more severe, with temperatures increasing.  Reusing waste can help protect the environment.  Although scientists have developed methods for reusing waste, we also need to look to how we generate waste in our daily lives, and what we can reuse.

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