December 17

Beautiful Vision

美麗的神話Beautiful Vision
夢中人, 熟悉的臉孔, 你是我守候的溫柔
The person in your dream, a familiar face, you are my solace.
永遠的神話 永, 永, 永遠的神話
An infinite vision, infinite vision.
相信我 不變的真心 千年等待有我承諾
Believe the true heart that is here for thousands of years.
無論經過多少的寒冬 我絕不放手
Whatever is to happen, or has happened, I am there.
讓愛成爲你我心中 那永遠盛開的花
Love is the flower that blooms within our hearts.
Through time, there is a dream that stands.
Love will follow you, and me, through time, and space.
A heartache has no end.
I am familiar with looking at my own reflection.
In a world of change, love is the beautiful vision.
The rising of the tides, will not disturb this love.
No matter the struggles.
寂寞雙手讓我和你 再也不離分
Hold our hands together.
BV 2018

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