January 9

Buying, Making and Eating

A: 你要去哪裏?Where are you going?
B: 我要去附近的超級市場買東西,
I am going to the supermarket nearby to buy something; do you want to come with me?
C: 要,我想吃越南式春捲。
Yes, I want to eat Vietnamese-style spring rolls.
D: 我們一起來做好不好?
Let’s make the spring rolls together shall we?
ABCDE: 好啊! Okay!
E: 今天要買蝦子,肉片和蓬蒿
We need to buy shrimp, meat, and basil today.
A: 我也可以買豆芽菜、黃瓜、胡蘿蔔
I can also buy bean sprouts, cucumbers, and carrots.
C: 我還要買生菜、米麵跟米皮
I have to buy lettuce, rice noodles, and rice wraps.
D: 我們還要買花生醬
We also have to buy peanut butter.
Sorry! I am allergic to peanuts.

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