May 26

I Can Growl

26-1 I can crawl我會爬I Can Crawl
我會跳。 青蛙說。“I can jump.” says the frog.
我不會跳。蝸牛說。“ I cannot jump” say the snail.
我會飛。小鳥說。“I can fly.” says the birdie.
我不會飛。蝸牛說。“I cannot fly” says the snail.
我會跑。小兔說。“I can run” says the bunny.
我不會跑。蝸牛說。“I cannot run” says the snail.
我會走。小嬰兒說。 “I can walk” say is the toddler.
我不會走。蝸牛說,我會爬.“I cannot walk” say the snail. “but I can crawl”.

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