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Five Elements (Tell a story)

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在古老的傳說中,臺灣的山區住著五頭獅子,分別是:金、木、水、火、土, 這五頭獅子都非常的凶猛,也各有各的個性。
According to ancient legends, five lions lived in Taiwan’s mountains: metal, wood, water, fire, and soil.  The five lions were ferocious, and each had a personality of its own.
The five lions balanced each other’s personality:
五行相生:Generating interaction; 五行相剋:Overcoming interaction;
The Metal Lion did not get along with the Wood Lion, metal overcomes wood, (metal sword cuts wood).
The Wood Lion looks to trouble the Earth Lion, wood overcomes soil, (wooden trees living upon the earth prevent the soil from eroding!)
The Earth Lion looks to trouble the Water Lion, soil overcomes water, (soil can block floodwaters)
The Water Lion looks to trouble the Fire Lion, water overcomes fire, (water can extinguish the fire)
The Fire Lion looks to trouble the Metal Lion, fire overcomes metal (fire can melt metal)
The Five Lions balanced each other’s personality:
金獅子喜歡跟水獅子作朋友,金生水,(金融化成液體, 幷且金挖地生水)
The Metal Lion befriended the Water Lion, (when metal melts it becomes liquid, and metals can be used to dig for water)
The Water Lion befriended the Wood Lion.  Water provides nutrients for the wood.
Wood Lion befriended the Fire Lion.  (Wood can make fire)
Fire Lion befriended the Soil Lion.  (The burning of fire creates soil)
Soil Lion befriended the Metal Lion.  (The soil makes metal)

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