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Crystal Moon Cakes

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冰皮月餅Crystal Moon Cakes材料:Ingredients:
牛奶Milk 150公克
植物油 Vegetable Oil 30公克
玉米粉 Corn Starch 40公克
糯米粉 Rice flour 50公克
白砂糖 Sugar 30公克
熟糯米粉 Cooked glutinous rice flour
煮熟Cooked 紅豆沙Red bean paste 数字秤 Digital Scale
糯米攪拌機/糯米搅拌机Mochi machine
攪拌盆/搅拌盆Mixing bowl
模型/模子 Model/Mold 壓模 Pressure mold

作法:Baking Instruction:
1. 糯米粉倒入盤中攤開,放入微波爐加熱約30秒,讓糯米粉熟透,備用。
1. Pour the glutinous rice flour evenly into a plate and put it into the microwave oven for 30 seconds.
2. 取一湯鍋倒入奶水與植物油,以小火煮約1分鐘,
2. Pour the milk and vegetable oil into a stock pot and cook on low heat for about 1 minute.
3. 再加入玉米粉、熟糯米粉以及細砂糖,攪拌均勻後熄火,備用。3. Add the corn flour, glutinous rice flour, and sugar into the stock pot. Stir until it sticks together, and then turn off the heat.
4. 利用桿麵棍用力搗勻作法2,搗至粉糊成為光滑的麻糬糰。4. Use a stick to mix the dough into the right consistency.
5. Sprinkle some glutinous rice flour onto the tabletop and roll the dough so that it can be cut into 12 equal strips.
6. 將紅豆內餡搓成圓球狀
6. Take the red bean paste into twelve balls (20 grams each).
Put the twelve balls into the refrigerator for 1-2 hours.
7. 麵皮在手中捏扁,放入豆沙餡
7. Put the red bean paste ball in the middle of the dough and wrap it into a bun.
8. 利用手掌虎口慢慢將餅皮推開包覆住整個內餡 收口捏至完全密合滾圓
8. Put the bun into the moon cake mold, and gently press down.
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