October 4

Creature Song

da wang
太陽對我眨眼睛, 鳥兒唱歌給我聽
The sun blinks at me, the bird sings to me.
I am a hardworking, independent creature.
別問我哪裏來, 也別問我到哪兒去
Do not ask me where I am from, or where I am going.
我要摘下最美的花兒, 獻給我的小公舉
I want to pick the most beautiful flowers to give to my friend.
哎呦! 差點忘了!Hey!  I almost forgot!
大王叫我來巡山 The boss told me to patrol the mountain.
我把人間轉一轉, 打起我的鼓, 敲起我的鑼
I spin the world around, play the drum, and knock on the gong.
生活充滿節奏感。Life is full of rhythm.
The boss told me to patrol the mountain and invite a monk to dinner.
The water in the mountain, is incomparably sweet, not envious towards couples, nor deities.
丟哪啦?啥?你傻呀! 把唐僧丟哪啦?大王饒命啊!
Where is it?  What? Are you being foolish?  Did you lose the Monk?  Please forgive me.
Creature SongDa wang

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