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Journey to the West

Journey to the West Classical Chinese Fairy Novel
This novel was completed during the Ming Dynasty (16th Century).
Showing the ancient theme of punishing evil and promoting goodness.
書中講述唐三藏和徒弟, 西天取經的故事,
This is a story about Tan San Zang’s his apprentices on a pilgrimage to the far west searching
for the supreme scripture.
Along the way he crossed many mountains, and rivers, and was invaded by demons and ghosts.
During this journey, the demons were eager to eat the meat of Tang San Zang.
Because they believe that after eating the meat they will live forever, and not get old.
The buddha believed that Tang San Zang needed four apprentices to accompany him.
The first apprentice is Sun Wukong. He is very smart and magical, but has a bad temper.
The second apprentice is the pig, who is greedy, cowardly, and often quarrels with Sun Wukong.
十分忠誠.The third apprentice is Shaw Wujing, who is quiet, diligent, and loyal.
In addition, White Dragon horse called Tang Sen his master, and called Sun Wukong his brother.
Tang San Zang received the golden hoop system from Buddha. The gold hoops are placed on the apprentice’s heads. When Tang San Zang reads a curse, the hoop will tighten around the apprentice’s head, making them roll around in pain.
After 16 years, Master Tang San Zang and his apprentices finally received the supreme scripture.

  1. 神怪小说/神怪小說 Fairy Novel
  2. 十六世纪 16th Century
  3. 惩恶扬善/懲惡揚善 punishing evil and promoting goodness.
  4. 古老主题/古老主題 the ancient theme
  5. 西天取经/西天取經 the far west searching for the supreme scripture.
  6. 跋山涉水 crossed many mountains, and rivers
  7. 妖魔鬼怪 demons and ghosts.
  8. 渴望能吃 eager to eat
  9. 长生不老/長生不老 live forever, and not get old.
  10. 聪明绝顶/聰明絕頂 very smart
  11. 神通广大/神通廣大 magical
  12. 贪吃、懦弱/貪吃、懦弱 greedy, cowardly
  13. 勤奋可靠/勤奮可靠 diligent
  14. 沉默寡言 quiet
  15. 十分忠诚/十分忠誠 loyal.
  16. 金箍制伏 The gold hoops are placed (subdue;bring under control)
  17. 念紧箍咒/念緊箍咒 reads a curse
  18. 满地打滚/滿地打滾 roll around in pain.
  19. 无上真经/無上真經 the supreme scripture.
  20. 十分暴躁 bad temper.

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