September 1

Embrace the world with you

拥抱世界拥抱你 Embrace the world with you (Let’s sing and dance together)

(排灣族語Paiwanic)i u giugi senasena i          i u giugi senasena i      i u giugi senasena i          i u giugi senasena i
張開你的雙手 讓我擁抱你 Open your arms and let me embrace you.
盡情享受遠方 溫暖的友誼 To share the warmth of friendship.
圍著圈圈跳舞 拉近了距離 Let’s make a circle and dance! No more distance between you and me.
讓我們都看見 善良與美麗 We can gaze deeply upon kindness and beauty.
你是永恆太陽 高掛天際 You are my eternal sun, lighting my horizon.
滿腔熱情藏在 深邃眼睛裡 With passion bursting from your eyes.
像自由鳥兒 帶著勇氣 Like a glorious bird, roaming free.
翱翔藍天綠地 Taking flight above verdant mountains, soaring through azure skies.
感受彼此氣息 相聚在一起 Let’s feel each other’s presence, together at last.
我沸騰的血液 也跟著旋律 My blood rushes to the melody.
拉近你我距離 不要再猶豫 Come closer, do not hesitate.
大聲告訴世界 你來自哪裡 To tell the world where you are from!
Embrace 3-1
Embrace 3-2
Embrace 3-3
1. 拥(yōng)抱(bào) = embrace hug
2. 友(yǒu)谊(yì) = friendship
3. 距(jù)离(lí) = distance
4. 善(shàn)良(liáng) = kindness
5. 永(yǒng)恒(héng) = eternal
6. 热(rè)情(qíng) = passion
7. 自(zì)由(yóu) = free
8. 翱(áo)翔(xiáng) = taking flight
9. 感(gǎn)受(shòu) = feel
10. 相(xiāng)聚(jù) = gather together
11. 旋(xuán)律(lǜ) = melody
12. 告(gào)诉(sù) = to tell

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