December 15

Little Weather Reporter

大家好Hello everyone

我們是小小氣象員We are little weather reporter

接下來是今天的天氣預報Next is today’s weather forecast

快看窗外      大雨嘩嘩。 大雨嘩嘩。

Look outside the window. It is raining heavily.  It is raining heavily.

今天是個大雨天。 Today is a heavy rain day.

不要忘記帶雨傘哦。 Do not forget to bring an umbrella.

快看窗外 陽光閃閃。 陽光閃閃。Look out the window, the sun is shining. The sun is shining.

今天是個大晴天。 Today is a sunny day.

哇,適合去郊遊哦。 Wow, suitable for an outing.

快看窗外 大風呼呼,大風呼呼。Look out the window. The wind is blowing, the wind is blowing.

今天是個颳風天。Today is a windy day.

小心不要被風吹走了。 Be careful not to be blown away by the wind.

快看窗外 大雪飄飄。大雪飄飄。Look out the window. The snow is fluttering. The snow is fluttering.

今天是個大雪天。Today is a snowy day.

要注意保暖哦。 Be sure to keep warm.

以上是小小氣象員的天氣預報。That was the little weather reporter’s weather forecast.

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