January 30

Zodiac Dance

老鼠排前頭Mouse in  the front of the line.
跟著老黃牛Follow the  older cattle.
老虎一聲吼The tiger  roared.
兔子渾身抖Rabbit shaking.
龍在天上游Dragon  touring the sky.
蛇在地上扭Snake twisting on the ground.
馬兒一路溜Horse  galloping around.
羊兒慢慢走Sheep walking  slowly.
猴子翻筋鬥Monkey  doing  somersaults.
金雞鳴山頭Golden rooster  calls  from  the  mountain top.
快點追呀,大狗狗Hurry up and chase, big dog.
別學懶豬,空轉悠Don’t learn from lazy pigs, idling.


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