March 26

Sort out the trash

垃圾分類/垃圾分类Sort out the trash

愛地球Save the earth

小鋁罐A little Can

寶特瓶a bottle

玻璃瓶A glass jar

小紙袋A paper bag

香蕉皮Banana peel

扔哪裏?where does it go?

小鋁罐是金屬The metal goes in the metal bin. 真厲害You did great!

寶特瓶是塑膠The plastic goes in the plastic bin. 真棒 great!

玻璃瓶是玻璃The glass goes in the glass bin. 沒錯 That’s it.

小紙袋是紙類The paper goes in the paper bin. 做得很好 well done

香蕉皮是厨餘The food scraps goes in the compost bin.

讓我們一起來做分類Come on sort the trash with me

跟我來Come with me.

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