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Driver’s license test in Chinese

Driver’s license test in Chinese

  • 考駕照,用中文
    Driver’s license test in Chinese
  • 學會開車是青少年生活中一個重要的里程碑,它意味著從今以後 ,許多事都能自己行動,
    比如去學校、約會、逛街、看電影、上才藝課以及參加各種課外活動等等 ,都不必麻煩別人接送了。

Learning to drive is an important milestone in the life of teenager.

It means(to imply) from that point on a teenager is able to be on their own. without troubling others to drive them around for things such as going to school, meeting friends, shopping, watching a movie, taking art and performance classes and participating in all kinds of extracurricular activities.

  • 美國有許多州規定,凡是年滿十五歲半的青少年,只要完成線上的駕駛課程,就可以去機動車輛管理局考筆試,通過筆試之後,就能坐上駕駛座學開車了。

Many US states stipulate that anyone over the age of fifteen and half may take a written exam at the Department of Motor Vehicles after completing an online driving course. After passing a written exam, one may start to learn to drive in the driver’s seat.

  • 青少年能自己開車是件好事但是許多青少年開車不小心,經常超速、闖紅燈,甚至酒後駕車,
    違規的人數,以16歲到19歲為最多 。

It is a good thing for teenagers to drive themselves. Many teens are careless drivers, often speeding, running red lights, drunk driving, getting themselves in car accidents or getting ticketed(citation) by the police. Based on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics, sixteen to nineteen year olds top the number of deaths and serious injuries caused by collisions as well as that of traffic violations every year.

撞車=(car crash) 違規=to violate the rules.

  • 所以許多家長寧願成天忙進忙出接送孩子,也不願心神不安地坐在家裡擔憂。

Therefore, many parents would rather (actually prefer)be very busy all day long to pick up and drop off their children (but not) than to sit at home uneasy and worry(to be anxious).

Many parents being busy chauffeuring their kids around all day as opposed to sitting at home worrying themselves sick.

  • 他特喜歡摩托車。暑假之前他已經完成了駕駛課程,但是媽媽不贊成他急著考筆試。

Zhong-zhong has always loved cars since he was little, especially motorcycles. He completed the online driving course before the summer, but his mother did not approve(to gree with) of him taking the written exam any time soon.

  • 正巧中中的阿姨來美國度假,她打算用中文考駕照的筆試,中中覺得很新奇,也想試試看,媽媽想了想便答應了。

It happened that Zhongzhong’s aunt came to the United States for vacation. She planned to take a written test for a driver’s license in Chinese. Zhongzhong found it very novel and wanted to give it a try. My mother agreed after thinking about it.

  • 中中把英文版和中文版的駕駛手冊對照著讀,不懂的地方就問阿姨,沒幾天就讀完了。

Zhong-zhong read the Chinese drivers’ handbook alongside the English version; he asked his aunt about whatever he didn’t understand and finished it in a few days.

  • 考試那天,中中有點緊張,他擔心中文太難,看不懂就糟了。沒想到這份中文考卷主要考交通標誌,所有題目他都看得懂,結果中中得了 滿分,令大家跌破眼鏡!中中樂壞了,他鬆了一口氣,這回他可以學開車了!

A bit nervous on the exam day, Zhong-zhong worried that the Chinese might be too difficult, and it would be a disaster if he didn’t understand it. To his surprise, the exam in Chinese was mostly about traffic signs and he actually understood all the questions. As a result, Zhong-zhong got a full score, surprising everyone! Feeling ecstatic, Zhong-zhong breathed a sigh of relief, as he could finally learn to drive!

  • 爸爸把車庫裡的“老福特”開去加油站做安全檢查和換機油 。他打算親自教兒子開車。
    中中常聽朋友說,父母教兒女開車,往往鬧得不歡而散。中中寫信給哥哥 ,想聽聽他的意見,

Dad drove his old Ford that was in the garage to the gas station for a safety check and oil change. He planned to teach Zhong-zhong how to drive himself. Zhong-zhong often(frequently) heard from friends that when parents teach their kids to drive, it usually results in family discord. Zhong-zhong wrote to his older brother, asking for his opinion. Below is his brother’s reply.

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